When choosing a VDR to use, you should take into consideration the security standards that you value most. VDR providers have a variety of certifications and features that they use to protect data, such as web application firewalls and several layers of encryption. For example, ContractZen is a document management software that is trusted by a variety of global companies due to its top-of-the-line encryption. This level of security ensures unauthorized users can’t access any documents.

Maximum security in VDR

Virtual data rooms are perfect for file sharing in the business world, where speed and security are vital. They provide maximum security standards while not sacrificing speed or user experience. A high-quality VDR can provide you with a range of features that will prevent leaks of information, including two-factor authorization, SSO and granular permission controls. It also provides an unbeatable accessibility across all geographical areas as it complies with the EU additional resources Model Clauses.

Another characteristic to look out for in a top VDR is the ability to grant, track, and revoke permissions instantly even after files are downloaded to a user’s device. This stops confidential information from being shared with unauthorised third parties and lets you keep the integrity of the VDR throughout its life. VDRs are also a great solution to share large and sensitive files, such as IP or proprietary content. They are much easier to manage than email attachments and allow you to organize your project data with a clear structure to facilitate efficient exchange and collaboration with both external and internal stakeholders.